5 hour Friday

Joining in, again this week, for 5 Minute Friday with Lisa Jo at the gypsy mama.  It’s the time of the week when we come together to write on one common topic for just 5 minutes.   We don’t worry about fixing our mistakes, we simply write for writing’s sake.

Today’s topic… opportunity


Opportunity… I’ve been given the opportunity to write.  Simply write for five minutes on one common theme.  No rules, just words.  Simple, right?

sometimes not so much

I am not exaggerating when I say that this post has taken me 5 hours to write.  Seriously!  Why?  Because I had this thought floating through my head of what I wanted to say, I just couldn’t find the words.

I love to write, most days.  I love to string words together… to uncover unusual synonyms… to capture a picture in a phrase.  Often, writing fulfills a deep need in my soul.

Occasionally, I run out of words.  I have nothing catchy or unusual to say.  I can’t find words to even carry on a conversation in an intelligent manner.

I get stuck.

So, I try and try again.  I get up and walk away.  I eat chocolate and take my girl shopping. I visit with friends and drink iced coffee.  All the while, still struggling in the deep recesses of my brain to find the words I’m longing for.  Sometimes I come back to my virtual journal and the words magically appear.

And, other times, I simply write that I have an opportunity to say something meaningful and there is nothing there.


*** I promise that this is not an exaggeration.  I started this at 8:30 this morning and it is now 1:47 p.m.  Sometimes I run out of words.  Thankfully, I’m running to the lake this weekend to be refueled, refilled, and renewed.

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9 thoughts on “5 hour Friday

  1. It happens to all of us. So many times I get “stuck”, I travel along the written path, clearly and smoothly, then all of I sudden, I am stopped, by something I can’t see. Sometimes I get out of my hole quickly, other times it takes for ever and once in a great while, never. But in the end, the journey was worth it.

    1. You’ve said what I’ve been wondering all day… “What can’t I see?” Thanks!

  2. I completely relate to this. I’m actually really glad you shared because I think we all run into this more often than we care to admit- this struggle to share, to write, to put down words, only to come up with nothing.

    1. thanks for the encouragement! I almost didn’t write that until I remembered a high school composition teacher telling me, “If you have nothing to say, write that.”

  3. Haha! I LOVE this. No, I’m not laughing AT you but laughing because I so know this experience. When I saw your heading I thought it was a typo. I’m so glad you wrote!! I’ve skipped the last two Fridays because I froze. Couldn’t think of anything to say for either word. Stuck. The harder I tried the more stuck I become.

    Have a wonderful weekend at the lake! 🙂

    1. Thanks Laurie! Glad you stopped by!! 😉

  4. chocolate and iced coffee can fix nearly everything! Sometimes my FMF posts take me forever to write, too. Infact, I’ll often look at the word on Thursday night and then write my post sometime Friday – just to have time to mull-it-over. I’m glad you shared the struggle you had, it reminds me that I’m not alone in fighting for the words.

    1. I didn’t think to look at the word on Thursday night. Thanks Emily!

  5. I love your honesty here 🙂 and so true. Sometimes the words just flow and sometimes not so much. So glad you still posted 🙂

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