milestones, ebenezers, and an epiphany….

Last week was a milestone week around here.  I went from being mother of one teen, to mother of two.  This one turned 13! When I stop and really think about this it truly blows my mind.  I wanted to blog a post about her.. pictures and all… but her birthday celebration ended up going all week.  At least that is excuse.  The truth?  I couldn’t find the words to tell you how 13 years with her has changed me and changed me for the better.  She is an incredible gift!

Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen.                                                           He named it Ebenezer,                                                                                                                                        “Saying thus far the Lord has helped us.”  I Samuel 7:12

We have a thirteenth birthday tradition in these parts.  Two years ago, I collected letters from friends and family for Eric and complied them into a book for him of wisdom, advice, and love for his teenage years.  It was my Ebenezer to the Lord, thanking Him for the incredible gift of my son.

During the month of May, I set up another Ebenezer.  This one in thanks of this girl… my first daughter… the one whose name is Grace and she  teaches me grace  She now has her own book.  An Ebenezer to look back at and see how far she has come and to read the words of those who love her and are praying her on.  My hope and prayer is that both of my teenagers will look back to their books when they feel lost or alone.

Thankfully, God gave me words for her… words to tell her how much I love her, how much she had changed me, how much I count her as one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given.

And, in this process of counting gifts, my God has given me another gift… and epiphany. For I’m learning that I remember things better when I count them as gifts.  It’s when I stop and count moments as gifts that those moments are etched into my memory.  This holiday weekend at the lake, I’ve stopped and counted often.  Many memories… many gifts.


Joining in with Ann and the Multitude Monday community, counting gifts again…for these and many more, I am grateful…

…for cool breezes

… for falling asleep under the stars

… for parents who have a lake house

… for giggles on the tube behind the boat

… for the boat

… for the Papa who keeps the boat filled

… for summer salad

… for cousin love

… for loving on the littlest ones

… for a man who likes coming her as much (or more) than I do

… for big kids who help

… for the taste of summer in berries and fruit

… for the reminder that counting gifts etches memories

… for friends who takes the dog for us

… for rest, relaxation and refueling

… for the peace of knowing He knows all

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6 thoughts on “milestones, ebenezers, and an epiphany….

  1. Wow. You just made me cry! What a great idea and something she will cherish for many, many years. So thankful to have met you!

    1. Thanks Tammy! I’m glad we’ve met too… we should seriously meet for coffee sometime 😉

  2. I’ll soon be joining you in the ranks of moms with two teens. I LOVE the gift you gave your son as he began his teenage journey. Definitely I’ll need to borrow that great idea with my next teen. I agree- how can a mom put into words 13 years of a daughter’s life? And all the ways God has shaped her into a beautiful girl. Stopping by from Ann’s today.

  3. You say it perfectly: ” It’s when I stop and count moments as gifts that those moments are etched into my memory” – wishing your daughter a blessed year, filled with joy and sweet surprises from the Father!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the birthday wishes!

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