yes! you can build a platform!

As I’ve been involved in Michael Hyatt’s Platform Launch Team, I’ve had a few people doubt the concept that anyone can build a platform.  People want to be noticed or have their blog or product noticed and yet they are giving up before they get started.

I’m hearing things like…

My life is too busy… building a platform takes too long.  I can’t do this.

I don’t have much money.  Doesn’t it take a lot of money to build a platform? I can’t do this.

Building a platform is easy if you are an extrovert, however for an introvert, like me, it’s too hard.  I can’t do this.

If this is you… take heart.  And, take a few minutes to listen to Michael’s podcast today.  Michael tackles these questions and others in a friendly, easy to understand, and simple to follow manner.

… in fact, he even took my question today!

In Michael’s own words in the podcast today…

“I don’t think it has to take an incredible amount of time.”

“It doesn’t cost you a lot to get started.”

“Growth occurs outside your comfort zone.”

Listen in!  I think you may be surprised.  The underlying theme throughout all of the listener questions is this…

Yes!  You can build a platform!

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