me and my big but…

But, Chad… I can’t

But, Heidi… you can’t

But, God… I can’t and You can’t

This is a sad, but true, tale of how I sat on my BUT for way too long and it got way too big.

For years, people have said to me things like, “you are such a good writer… why don’t you write more?”

but… I’m busy with the kids…

but… I’m not as good as…

but… I’m not sure I want to put my stuff out there…

The BUT started growing as I sat on it.  I thought I could ignore it.  I thought it would go away.  Instead, the more I ignored, the bigger it got.  When I finally took a good look at it, I freaked out… it was HUGE!  I took one look at it and threw up my hands and started walking away.  There was NO way I was going to tackle that!

When I started walking away, I didn’t realize that I was also walking away from a gift God has given me.  I had been saying “but, God…” for far too long.  He was tired of my big BUT too.  In His gentle and gracious manner, He placed me smack dab in the center of an ocean of big fish.  It was time for this little minnow with the big BUT to swim or go home.  Swimming and trying to stay afloat, I didn’t realize my big BUT was getting smaller.  I’m learning that I can swim with the big fish.

The Platform Launch Team is this ocean of big fish, to me.  When I found myself thrown in and sputtering for air, I was overwhelmed and afraid.  Writers, publishers, authors, small business people.. they all knew how to swim.  I’ve told a few people I feel like the minnow swimming with whales and manatees.  There are no sharks.  Everyone has been amazingly generous, supportive, encouraging, and fun to be with.  In these few weeks of swimming with them, I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible, been blessed beyond belief, and have watched my BUT shrink a little at a time.

I’m learning, most, to change my answer to…

Yes God… You can and I can!

and here are a few things He’s used lately to help shrink my BUT…

~*~ this BUT idea came from my Platform friend, Dayna, who is wittier and much more creative than I.  Check out her post yesterday… you’ll be glad you did.

~*~ fellow Platform member, Jeff Goins, wrote a brand-new book that inspired me to see myself for who I am… a writer, so I’d better start acting like one.  As of this morning, it’s still $2.99 on (update… just got an email from Jeff… the price goes up tomorrow 6/1).

~*~and just this morning, successful author and Platform member, Mary, encouraged me that everyone has to start somewhere.

 What about you… what you doing with your BUT?

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12 thoughts on “me and my big but…

  1. You hit the nail on the head. I had a similar problem getting started with singing. The community of support has been exactly as you described. Thanks for writing this. We can watch our buts shrink together.

    1. You are one of those I’ve watched. I often tell myself, “If Toni can get up and sing, you can write.” ; )

  2. I am trusting God and pressing forward. Great post!

  3. I completely relate Heidi, great post!!

    1. thanks Pilar! I’m so glad for the Platform Team and how all of you have encouraged me!

  4. Catchy Title Heidi. ‘Got my attention!

  5. Heidi thank you for this testimony and for welcoming me to the blogging community. Your story could be mine as well and I am actually going to be blogging about how the Lord knocked my socks off when I kept saying “but”! Thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone in the “big but” category. I look forward to new blogging friendships!

    1. Sorry Heidi, I forgot to ask your permission to mention your blog when I share my own testimony on my blog?

    2. Debbie,
      You are so welcome. I’ve had many welcome me, so I’m glad I could pay it forward! ; )
      Know you are definitely not alone in the “big but” category!
      because everyday is a gift,

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