how to unwrap today…

It’s the things wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow that intrigue us the most.  Give us a gift and suddenly  we want to know what is inside.  We hold it, examine it, and shake it… and our imagination runs with the possibilities.  Is it what I’ve always wanted or what I need the most?  Is it the latest fad or new necessities?  The questions are endless.  We can wonder forever but the only way to know for sure is to pull the ribbon and rip open the paper and look inside.

What if we approached each day the same way?
With the same intrigue and anticipation?
What if we woke in the morning holding a brand-new day
and we saw it as a gift wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow?
What if we spent our time pulling the ribbon and ripping the paper off?

Our expectations might change… we might anticipate more and dread less.  Our perceptions might change… we might start seeing the good in each day rather than concentrating on the bad.  Our attitudes might improve… it’s quite possible we might find ourselves thanking more and complaining about the bad.

Would it be so bad?
Wouldn’t it be worth it to take the time to unwrap the gift of the present?
Wouldn’t the gift mean more if it was throughly enjoyed?
Would an ordinary day become extraordinary?

The way I see it, I have two choices.  I can chose to leave the gift wrapped and hidden and hurry through my day… or, I can slow down and unwrap the present.  I can choose…

… to pull the ribbon on the morning by embracing 5 minutes with a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning instead of rushing into the day

… to loosen the tape by saying “Yes! Let’s read some more Box Car Children” instead of “Why don’t you watch some PBS Kids this morning?”

… to rip the edge of the paper by noticing the hour of uninterrupted time to edit and be thankful instead of complaining that its not enough.

… to tear the paper by stopping to make the rice crispy treats that she thinks are oh-so-important for the 4H meeting tonight instead of telling her to stop nagging.

… to pull out the tissue paper off by marveling at and cheering for the one who is more man than boy driving the truck during family yard work instead of crabbing that it is not being done right.

… to pull the tape off the edges by stopping to thank God for the ways that He ordains the days instead of wishing they were different.

… to wad the ball of paper up by laying my head on my pillow and breathing one last thank you instead of worrying about tomorrow.

I choose to unwrap today because it’s in the unwrapping of the present that the gifts can be seen.  And, because, I can’t imagine leaving a gift wrapped and unexplored, can you?

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1 thought on “how to unwrap today…

  1. Such a sweet way of expressing the joy God provides in each day. Thank you.

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