when family is family…

See these people? I’m related to each and every one of them… and there are a lot of faces in that picture!  All because approximately 75 years ago, 2 people fell in love…

A weekend full of family… grandparents and grandchildren, 1st cousins and 2nd cousins, brothers and sisters, and a few dogs… all converged on the farm for a couple of days.  A once every four years tradition continued…

Family… it’s a funny thing.   You make plans to get together with these you’ve known the longest and loved the most.  You look plan for it, prepare for it, look forward to it.  You can’t wait to see aunts, uncles and cousins… you hug and exclaim and chat over grilled hamburgers.  You laugh and you reminisce.  You hold new babies and marvel over grown ones.  You spend a few hours catching up on all the life that has been lived since the last time you sat and talked.  In the midst of the chaos, something happens… about 30 hours into the closeness and June heat of a family reunion, you’re ready to return to “real life.”

Family is love and laughter and misunderstandings and messy.  It just is.  It’s everyone’s “stuff” all piled together.  It flows and overflows in a rhythm and routine that is as unique and remarkable as the family itself…

…because blood truly is thicker than water and family is family. Always.


counting family gifts today with the gratitude community at Ann’s where we count 1000 Gifts and beyond….

and I’m thankful for these and more…

… for cousin love

… for picking up where you left off

… for 2nd cousins who haven’t forgotten the memories made

… for new babies

… and grown ones

… for family legacy

… and a patriarch who pulled us all together

… for rented bouncy houses that provide days of fun

… and long, relaxing boat rides

… for tubing

… and kneeboarding

… and a Papa who supplied the boat and the fuel

… for the coolness of the lake

… and air conditioned campers

… for free camping

… and the freedom to take the tent into the woods to camp away from everyone else

… for health and safety

… and love and laughter

… for the healing evident in little hearts and lives

… and for answered prayers

… and for gracious and patient in-laws for who put up with it all!

…what are your gifts on this Multitude Monday?

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2 thoughts on “when family is family…

  1. Love your thoughts on your family. My dad is the oldest of 8 and we gather ever other year for Thanksgiving. We’ve crested the 100 mark, so I believe we now constitute a Tribe.

    I’m especially thankful for a legacy of faith. For grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles who showed us how to live out Joshua 24:15.
    Thanks for sharing, Heidi. Families are the BEST!!

    1. Thanks Susan! I would definitely say you constitute a tribe! We are at 44, so that makes us half a tribe. 😉

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