thoughts on spinning plates…

No one told me that the greatest requirement of being a mother is knowing how to spin plates and keep them spinning without dropping any.  At least, I don’t remember anyone telling me this bit of wisdom.

Perhaps, in my pre-motherhood state I thought I knew how to do this sufficiently.
Perhaps, I thought I was accomplished at this.
Perhaps, I didn’t listen.

For the most part, after 18 years of marriage and 15 years of motherhood I have become quite an accomplished plate spinner.  I’ve learned how many plates I can handle and I’ve learned to drop the plates that interfere.  Sometimes I even become a bit daring and think that I can spin plates blindfolded, on one foot, with my left hand tied behind my back.  I show off and plates crash and I learn, again, to be careful.

Over the years, I’ve crashed a good many plates.  Some more fragile than others.  Some demolished, others just cracked or chipped. All damaged.

The other thing no one told me is that plate spinning is never perfect.  You do your best and allow Him to pick up the pieces because someone who isn’t perfect can’t spin plates perfectly.

perhaps I should learn this lesson


What about you…
do you have any plate spinning wisdom to share?

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