bridging the gap or straddling the fence?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the educational choices we’ve made for our 3 Es.  We have one in a public high school of over 2,000 students playing football, another in a private jr/sr high of about 130 students, and one home… alone, as she says.  While this is a huge part of my life, I get tired of talking about it.   Mostly  because it seems like our decisions offend someone everyday and there are even days when I wonder if anyone gets it.

… and then I read Dana today.
and she tells me…
they may never get it,
but God does.

I read Dana’s post a couple of hours ago and I can’t seem to shake it.   For the past year and half, I feel as if I have been straddling the educational fence… mostly trying to figure out where I fit and where I am most comfortable.  When the third school choice made it’s self evident last year, the straddling became harder.  I couldn’t figure out how to straddle three fences… and do it well.  I was more uncomfortable and felt like I fit in less.  I desperately wanted someone … anyone… to say “I get it!  I’ve been there.  Sit here, this is where you fit.”

… and after reading my Platform friend, Dana’s, words today,
I wonder this…
perhaps I’m going about this all wrong.

Perhaps, I’m not supposed to straddle any fences.  While my children are each in the educational arena that we feel is God led at this time, perhaps I am not supposed sit uncomfortably twitching and turning trying to find where I fit.  Maybe, I give up any desire for human validation and stop seeking for someone to say “I get it! I’ve been there.  Sit here, this is where you fit.”

And, instead, I learn how to be a bridge… how to bridge the gap and smooth the ruffled feathers that the educational choice argument tends to produce… and I bridge the gap instead of straddling a fence that wasn’t ever meant to be straddled.

The only question that remains is this…
how do I do this?

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4 thoughts on “bridging the gap or straddling the fence?

  1. How? Do you!!!

    Here’s what I mean. Every child is different. Every need is unique. You have to make the choice that is best for her/him, not everyone else. And who else is best to make that choice…but you.

    We homeschool. People thought we were crazy…for years. I’m sure a few still do but that’s their issue not mine. (I know what we’re doing.)

    Homeschooling works for our family. We realize our family is our first ministry.

    So to you, be a bridge…continue to straddle…do absolutely nothing at all…if YOU choose. But in the end do what God has called you to do.

    I’m praying for you. I know you’ll do what’s right. 🙂

  2. You do it by believing that you and your husband weighed these choices carefully and prayed about them. Nobody will ever truly understand your children like you do. Keep that close to your heart. And, remember, if nobody else gets it, God absolutely does!! Praying for you!

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