gratitude after the storm…

An incredible storm blew through on Friday.  Seemingly coming from nowhere, the skies darkened and the wind blew.  I cannot remember ever seeing anything like it.

Meteorologists are calling it a “super derecho”… a land hurricane.   From the vantage point of being in the center of it,  I call it amazing!

After a weekend of cleaning up debris and helping others… intermittent power and more storms… my gratitude list is long.

I’m again counting with the gratitude community at Ann‘s.  Please join in!

I’m so grateful for…

… safety and shelter
… huddling together with friends
… hearing children pray for one another
… the memory of “remember when the storm hit and we were at 4H judging…”

… for MUCH needed rain
… for answered prayer 30 minutes after we prayed for rain
… for no permanent damage

… for the strength and ability to help others
… for safety
… for no serious injuries

… for the new reminder to not take electricity for granted
… for air conditioning
… and cold showers

… for a tree removal job
… and the direct answer to prayer
… for the opportunity to work together as a family

… for the joy of hard work
… and work done well
… and sleeping in!

… for the utility employees and their hard work ALL weekend
… for seeing people come together to help others
… for His mighty hand
… and for the creation of super storms!

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2 thoughts on “gratitude after the storm…

  1. So glad you and your family are safe! Looks like it was quite the storm.

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