with Lisa talking family & a book…

Today, in my real life I’m hanging at the farm, power-washing and blow-drying llamas in preparation for our county fair that begins on Saturday.  Yes…. really.

So, I’m touring locally on the virtual book tour with a stop at my in-real-life friend, Lisa’s, place a lens with a view.  Lisa is a beautiful and amazing wife, mother, photographer, writer, and friend.   God used Lisa mightily in my life a year and a half ago when she came alongside me and helped me transition from being a homeschool mom to a public school mom.  To this day, I am grateful for her willingness to share her insight and wisdom.  Come join Lisa and me as we escape the heat for a few minutes to talk books and family, and how friends sometimes become family…

We stood together, just the six of us. On a day when we buried one, we huddled… holding and upholding. When others said…we’ll be there. I said… no. All I wanted, all I needed was my family. I gathered them around me… my parents, my man, and my kids together. It was enough.

Family… that group of people who are defined by blood lines, and maybe more. Sometimes those closest to our hearts do not share the same family tree. We cannot chose our relations but we can choose to redefine the term family to include those who are closest to us. Those we live life with… the ones to whom we cling when the storms of life roar and the winds threaten to overflow us.

I am blessed with an amazing family. As I grow older and slightly wiser, I have learned to count that amazing family as a gift. I now recognize it’s rarity. I also know that I have friends who are as close to me as my sisters. I’ve learned to count them as family and as gifts. They are equal but different treasures to my heart

Join us for the rest of the discussion at Lisa’s place…  and check out the book giveaway!

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