sharing at Tammy’s… how God changed my plans…

The virtual book tour continues.  Today you will find me hanging out with my new friend, Tammy.   I met Tammy through the Platform Launch Team and have completely enjoyed getting to know her.  We’ve discovered what a small world it truly is when we learned that we don’t live far from one another.  Tammy is a beautiful wife, mother, writer, and runner.  This woman runs races… including ones that involve mud!!

Today, she’s graciously hosting me.  I’m sharing my story of how God changed my plans to include the writing of a new book…

Abruptly my life course changed direction. Though it wasn’t an earth shattering change, I felt like I had lost my purpose. For a decade I homeschooled. I thought I would graduate all three of my children. Instead, our home school whittled down to one. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. My life didn’t look like the picture I carried around in my head.

A wise one once said, “the years reveal what the days cannot see.” In my insecurity, God was already at work. He had the next step of my life planned. He brought to fruition a life long dream of mine, to be an author. There was never enough time in a day to pursue any serious writing… until my life course changed direction. My God works that way, often in ways that I only recognize in hindsight….

Won’t you click on over to Tammy’s and join us for the rest of the story?

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2 thoughts on “sharing at Tammy’s… how God changed my plans…

  1. So honored to be a part of the book tour! I’m excited for you!

    1. thanks for joining in! I can’t WAIT to sit and talk about all of it with you!!

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