the end of the Fair… again

We’ve been here before… this quiet, last day of the Fair.  After all of the crowds, noise, events, and shows, the masses have vacated the premises.  Some years we exit with them.  This year, though, we’ve stayed.   Our Fair week went WAY.TOO.FAST and we are now determined to stay to the bitter end.  This afternoon we will climb the hill for ice cream one last time.  Some time tonight… during the last grandstand event when semi-trucks are pulling big loads for the big prize… we will pull old-faithful, our camper, home.  Weary we will climb in to bed dreaming of next year’s projects.

Here are a few pics from this year…



Between early morning football practice, working 6 days this week, and hanging with his friends until the Midway closed each night, I don’t have a single picture of Eric from this week at the Fair.  However, this is headed to Indy and the State Fair in a couple of weeks with his name on it….

It’s the end of another Fair.  Next week I will crash.  Today I marvel that we’ve done this for 7 years… and my kids never tire of it.  Apparently, neither do we…

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2 thoughts on “the end of the Fair… again

  1. I’ve come to realize you either Love the fair or you Hate it…happy to say, I’m right there with you. We love every minute of it and can’t wait until next year !!

    1. Yes! And, I guess an old dog can learn a new trick because this is the first year I loved the Fair! ; )

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