how to get a real life…

I remember my high school computer teacher saying, “There are those who believe that someday we will be able to shop from our computers!”  To which we all chorused, “NO! Way!”  Back in the day, we could not fathom that anyone would actually want to use a computer… since there wasn’t much that the average person needed a computer for.  And, now, my children cannot even fathom how it was in “the old days… like in the ’80s.”

Hindsight makes me laugh.  Who could have known the impact computers and computing devices would make on the world?  Certainly, not me!  Neither would I have been able to comprehend that one day I would sit with a small, light weight computer sitting on my lap communicating with new and old friends far and near, buying things, selling things, and writing things…

for days…

Sometimes the virtual world that now exists engulfs me and swallows me whole.  I work toward deadlines and expectations.  I push my family away because “I have to do this!”  I engage with strangers on twitter and forget to kiss my girl goodnight.  While macbooks and the internet are blessings… too much of a good thing is like craving sugar, it  takes over my life… my real life.

I’m learning to get a real life… to let go and unplug…. to sit with my girl and write a story on lined paper around her illustrations… to laugh and to live with  my computer closed.


…by planning my day… and scheduling in computer hours rather than scheduling around the time I spend on the computer

…by planning an unplugged day once a week… one day a week when I give my mac a break and leave the cover closed

…by planning my life around these four I love the most… and giving them the best of me, rather than the leftovers.

My 25th high school reunion was  few weeks ago.  Twenty-five years later, we’re now living Back to the Future.  Computers have become a way of life.  Mine just doesn’t need to be my life…. I’m ready to live a real life again.

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