when the wrecking continues…

I never knew what to call it… this feeling of being turned upside down and inside out.   I haven’t known how to describe the thoughts I now have that are counter-culture to how I was raised in the American church.  I couldn’t find the words to articulate the changes within.  I didn’t need to find the words, Jeff Goins did.   As he says… I’ve been wrecked, only in my case, the wrecking continues.

I know I have been wrecked by God.  I can tell you the date, time, and place of the first wrecking… May 20, 2001.  That was the day He took my unborn son and left me with an empty womb and a full heart.  I heard myself say, “If God were to give me the choice of having Matthew back in my womb and to continue my pregnancy as I was or to leave Matthew in His arms and keep what I’ve learned of Him and His love.  I would gladly leave my son and take Him.”

I can also tell you that 10 years later, the wrecking hasn’t stopped.  God has wrecked my complacent life… my view of Him… my view of others… my view of stuff… my view of my family… my view of my friends… time and time again.  He’s wrecked my image of what church should be, how people should act, and what I should be doing.   He’s taken what I thought was my money, my time, my energy, my things and wrecked my image of what belongs to me and what belongs to Him.

In his newest book, Jeff Goins describes what it is like to be wrecked by God.  He shares the journey of being turned upside down, inside out in the best possible way.  Jeff describes being wrecked as moving from complacency to radical sacrifice.  He recounts his own story and the stories of others whose lives were changed when this broken world crashed into their complacent lives.  And, how by unbecoming the complacent one we’ve gotten use to being actually opens the way for God to use us radically.

The words in his book tell what I couldn’t express… that being wrecked is the beginning of living a transformed life. And, that Jesus came to disintegrate the status quo.  It’s done my heart good to read Wrecked and hear the stories of others and see the transformation in their lives.  I’ve been wrecked but there is much more in my life that needs that wrecking, righteous, right hand of my Savior.  The more I read, the more I am grateful that the wrecking continues.

Wrecked: When A Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable Life by Jeff Goins will be released on Wednesday, August 1.  Jeff is offering 6 exclusive gifts values at $158 if you wait until August 1 to buy the book.  Click here for more details.

**disclaimer… I was given an advanced electronic copy of this book for my honest review.  I received no other compensation.

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