the last stop is a two day stop…

It’s the last stop on the virtual book tour.  It’s been a fun run!  Well… not really a run, per se.  More like a stroll through the blogosphere.

In 4 weeks, we’ve stopped in California and Tennessee, Wisconsin and New York City.  We’ve met new friends and see new places and I am so grateful to all my blogging friends along the way who’ve read the posts, left a comment, and purchased the books.  A HUGE shout out to those friends who were willing to host a guest post from me.

For the end, I’m hanging out at my favorite writing place close to home… my friend Tracy’s place… The Crazy Day Gourmet...

I’m not sure if it is the pink and green decor or the ruffly apron that greets me at the door. Maybe it’s the comfy vintage chair and fluffy pillows or the sign in the restroom that reminds me of Audrey Hepburn’s words, “happy girls are the prettiest.” I’d like to think that it is a tall glass of Iron Goddess of Mercy iced tea with a snickerdoodle cupcake that give me inspiration. In reality, though, it’s all of this and more.

Simply stated, The Crazy-Day Gourmet inspires me… to write. This is where I come to find a few minutes of quiet, to share a word with Tracy, and to clear my mind to find the words I need. I come with friends and I come alone. The Crazy-Day Gourmet’s main goal is to provide meals for those who face days that are crazy and don’t have time to make a nutritious meal for their family. However, Tracy has also created a relaxing oasis for those who want a few minutes to escape the crazy with a sweet treat. This is where I come to be inspired, and, when the stuff of life takes my time and energy and I don’t come… I find myself going crazy, indeed…

Click on over to the Crazy Day Blog read the restand tomorrow (July 31) join me at The Crazy Day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a great time of fun, fellowship, friendship, and laughter.  Tracy will have her incredible snickerdoodle cupcakes and iced tea for sale and there will be books available for purchase and signing. And… we’ll draw for the giveaway!!  If you live in the area, I’d love to have you join us!

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