my desperate need to hear His yes…

My name is Heidi and I am a pleaser.

I am a certifiable people pleaser.  More often than not, I worry much more about what people think of me and what they expect of me than I do what God thinks or expects.  Much like a member of a 12-step support group, I take the first step.  I pray often that God would change my heart to desire to please Him more than pleasing others.  I wonder if I will ever get beyond step 1.

Thankfully, He knows I can’t do it on my own.  He uses people… the very ones I would be tempted to try to impress… to point me to Him.  He uses those who have gone on ahead to teach me along the path.  He often combines these two.

When my Texas friend, Dana, asked if I wanted to join a blogging book discussion group, I didn’t hesitate.  I love reading and I love new books.  How could I go wrong?  Five of us from all over the country are reading The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn.  On Wednesdays we will come together to discuss a portion of the book… Mike Glenn’s words and our impression of them.  Today, we are discussing the introduction and chapter 1.

Mike Glenn begins his book by describing a time in his ministry as a pastor when he faced a crisis in his church.  Though his church survived the crisis, he came away spent and disillusioned.  He did his best and people were angry at him.  Spent and disillusioned, he retreated wondering where God was in all of this.  He doubted himself, his God, and his ministry.  Thankfully, God met him there in the struggle and began a new work in Mike’s heart.  He heard God’s whisper “why don’t you relax and be who I created you to be?”  Through that struggle, Mike searched to discover who his “yes!”, who he was… gifts and weaknesses included.  He then pursued a life and ministry within that realm.

According to Mike, most of us grow up in Christian churches and Christian homes hearing a lot of “no.”  We know what we cannot do… we know what we are against… but do we know what we are for?  We know the NO… but do we know the YES?

I can relate.  I desperately seek to know what God says my “yes!” is, instead of what others want from me.  I want to live in the center of God’s will using the gifts and abilities He has given me, rather than doing much because I can get it done… just not done well.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I would have picked up Mike Glenn’s book, The Gospel of Yes, on my own.  I don’t agree with everything he says.  However, by working through it slowly in this Blogging Through the Book group, I’m finding God is using Mike’s words to take me to the next step to be a God pleaser rather than a people pleaser.

Click here to read what my friends think of the beginning of The Gospel of Yes.

Blogging Through the Book is a group of bloggers who literally blog while reading the book. It’s different than merely reading a book and posting a review. We have a chance to read and share our thoughts in community. Click HERE to learn more or”

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9 thoughts on “my desperate need to hear His yes…

  1. I love your post, so awesome Heidi. So glad to be blogging through the book with you friend.

  2. Heidi, as a wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter…and such, I believe it is difficult sorting our Yes from those of our loved ones. But I have a wonderful feeling that you’re finding your way. 🙂

    Great post to start off this blogging journey.

    1. Thanks… He is gracious to keep directing my path!

  3. I have always had the same problem. I want to please. I want to be perfect. God’s first ‘Yes’ to me was the day I heard and understood that he loved me just the way I am. Great post.

    1. thanks Kathy! It’s a journey, isn’t it?

  4. I have not struggled with “pleasing” people as much as the need to “impress” people. Whether they liked me or not I still wanted them to stand in awe of me and my skill as a mom, or a friend, a singer, or a writer. I completely missed the point of why God gifted me in the first place. I am called to fulfill His purpose for me and He is always the center of His Purpose…not me. I have a feeling that this book is going to challenge a lot of “me” and help me refocus on Him! Great start Heidi!

    1. hmmm… maybe I am a bit of both? Only not as a singer… totally tone deaf… ; ) But… you just gave me much to think about ; )

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