when ‘no’ inhibits…

Last week, in our Blogging Thru The Book group,  I shared that I am a certifiable people pleaser.   I often live life avoiding certain events, people, or things that could potentially cause conflict with others.   I fear negative reactions from people.  My perceptions of how I think people will respond often determine my actions.  Pathetic?  Yes.  And… absolutely the truth.

Somewhere along this journey of my walk with Jesus, I think I’ve transferred that fear of negative reactions to my relationship with God.  I tend to avoid things that I perceive could be… might be… possibly be… considered wrong.  In by doing so, I often say “no” to risk.  I turn down opportunities.  Essentially, I do nothing because my “no” inhibits what might have been.

We might do a pretty good job
of avoiding what’s wrong,
but we don’t do anything right.
Mike Glenn, The Gospel of Yes

Thankfully, God has been slowly changing this pathetic heart of mine.  In reading chapters 2 and 3, for this week’s Blogging Thru The Book assignment, much of Mike Glenn’s words resonated deep.  In those years where my faith became my own, I heard many “no”s.  I think my faith grew around the word “no”…

No…you can’t do that
what will people think?

No… you can’t do that
you might cause someone to stumble.

No… you can’t do that
it’s different!

I honestly think that somehow I transformed those opinions into hard and fast rules.  I allowed those “no”s to dictate how my heart responded to God.  I know that, on more than one occasion, I have even said “God! I can’t do that!  What would people think?!?”

Do you know what I’m learning, though?  While God does say “no”… He also says “Yes!”  When He created the world, He said, “Let there be…”   Really!  God, on His throne, said, “YES!  Let’s have light!  YES!  Let’s have darkness!  YES!”   I’ve found out that…

YES!  opens up
a world of potential
and opportunity
and experiences!

I’ve spent far too long allowing “no” to inhibit my life… and my walk with Christ.  I’m learning to say “Yes!” to His Spirit’s leading and learning to trust that He has everything under control.

Walk with Jesus
and you know what will happen:
you’ll be exposed to risks and temptations,
because He’ll take you to risky places.
Mike Glenn The Gospel of Yes

I want to live like that… not inhibited by my own “no” but freed by His “YES!”

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5 thoughts on “when ‘no’ inhibits…

  1. God does take us to risky places, like the center of a thunderstorm, and then he shows us his magnificence and goes with us all the way to the dead calm afterward. I think willingness to accept risks in order to go with God’s “yes” puts spice and dimension into what would otherwise be a pretty bland life.

    1. Yes, He does! And, really, when I go with the YES, I like the spice and the dimension! ; )

  2. You have hit the nail on the head! I love this. “YES! opens up a world of potential
    and opportunity and experiences!” Amen and Amen! I want to say and hear YES!

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