when my ‘no’ becomes His ‘yes’…

God will take all the “nos” in your life
and find a way to make them all “yeses.”

I have these “nos” in my life. I’ve gathered them into a bundle and tied them together. I have taken that bundle and buried it deep in the secret place of my heart.

Someone tells me about a past decision or action
that has caused great pain and shame.
In telling the story, he makes me promise not
to mention it to anyone.
“If anyone else knew this,” he says, “I would die.”

I guard my bundle of “nos.” I know exactly where it is and I only unbury it when it’s time to tie in another “no.”  Down deep it goes again. It’s getting bigger and heavier but I can still manage to keep it hidden. I have to keep it hidden. I don’t know what I would do  if you ever saw it. There is so much there… so much you don’t know about me… so much I am ashamed of. So, I keep it buried deep under a smile and a joke. I’ve covered it with good deeds and right words. It’s covered neatly. No one will ever know. My secret is safe….

Meanwhile, the person is working through his issues,
and people can’t help but notice how his life is changing.

What’s that you say? You see a change in me?  Really?! I have to be honest… any change in me is because of Jesus. It’s like He is changing me. I’m not sure how to explain it other than to tell you that when I walk with Him, He gives me life purpose.  He gives me joy each day. Life has taken on a new meaning and my heart is lighter, somehow.

I’ve heard friends share their testimonies later on,
and what is the first line they speak?
It’s nearly always the very thing they were sure
would kill them if anyone ever knew.

Oh…?!  You want to know more about the difference Jesus has made in my life? Why is my heart lighter? Well… hmmm…. so…. you see…. I’m not who you think I am. I am an angry mom who lashes out at her children. I am a judgmental woman who is quick to cast judgment on others to make myself feel better. I have things in my life of which I am not proud.

What’s that?  You see Jesus in those things? Well! Praise the LORD! And… I can tell you that my heart is lighter because He came in and gently dug out that big bundle of “nos” and somehow and in His gracious way, He’s changing my “nos” to His “yeses.” I don’t understand it. I don’t know how He does it. I only know that it feels really, really good and I’m so glad He did.

Such is the goodness of our God.
The Gospel of Yes, pg 69

… this is a true story. It’s a daily story of God taking those shameful things of my past and using them to bring glory to Him. As I said, I don’t know how or why. I don’t know when or where He’ll do it again. I only know that when He does, I’m blessed too.

I’m Blogging Through The Book again this week with my friends.  Click on over and see what the others have to say about chapters 4 and 5 of The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn.

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4 thoughts on “when my ‘no’ becomes His ‘yes’…

  1. Amen, this was very beautiful and encouraging sis.

    1. thank you! Thank you for always encouraging me in this journey!

  2. This same passage spoke volumes to me. I love the way you articulate how it spoke to you. Love this post! Blogging through this book is so fun!

    1. thanks! I wasn’t sure about posting this. It flowed beautifully while writing it but it’s kinda out-of-the-box a bit. Glad you liked it! ; )

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