when my real life clashes with the blogging world…


Confessions from a Deranged Football Mom

This is me… this was this morning… this was me last night… and on Thursday night, I was the football mom preparing a crockpot of homemade mac & cheese to feed 125 hungry boys.  This is my life… football! Football!! FOOTBALL!!!!

…and I LOVE IT!

In the excitement of the season opener weekend, I completely fumbled in the blogging world.  I have been looking forward to being in the starting lineup for Keeping It Personal for weeks.  I wrote one of my favorite posts ever and passed it off waiting for August 17 game time.  Only August 17 came and left, and I wasn’t even standing on the sidelines.  It’s like I completely missed the bus!!


This is one of those times when real life clashed with my blogging world. Real life equals wife of 1, mom of 3.  Real life consists of homeschool, private school, public school.  Real life means football, volleyball, and now another playing volleyball (who is frantically searching for her knee pads as I write this post).  This is my real life.  The blogging world means reading and commenting. The blogging world entails writing posts and guest posts. And, the blogging world means following through on the commitments I make.

I want to do it all. I can’t. And, I fail miserably. Yesterday was an epic fail.  Thankfully, I had sent my post on ahead but I should have been there linking in, commenting, and participating… instead of completely forgetting.

So… today… here and now… I’m linking you up with the guest post that went live yesterday.  Click on the picture, it’s a good one.  Feel free to read it today and please accept my apology for not posting yesterday.

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