5 options for a tired writer…

I’m tired.

I bet you are too.

It seems like life pulls from ten… one hundred… a thousand directions at once.  Often we are left with no time or energy to get it all done, finally falling into bed only to start all over in a few hours.

For many of us, writing is not our day job.  It’s what we do around all the other things in our lives that require our attention.  We work to earn money to pay for necessities and wants.  We take care of our loved ones.  We maintain the things we own.   If we have any time left, we divide it between eating, sleeping, playing, and writing.

Is it any wonder we are tired?

Often writing gets pushed to the bottom of the pile.  We feel the pinch.  Our productivity slows to an occasional drip.  We fall behind. In our exhaustion, we decide that maybe we aren’t a writer after all…..

I’m over at Godly Writers today.  Click over for 5 options to consider when you are tired…

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6 thoughts on “5 options for a tired writer…

  1. Thanks for your thoughts. My writing isn’t story writing, but I’m doing my own version of writing these days – list after list after list for my two volunteer roles. I think your thoughts apply to that too 🙂

    1. most definitely Michele! I think writing lists is more tiring because it just reminds me of what I have to do 😉

  2. Oh, and being tired – that applies too!

  3. Hi Heidi,
    I don’t know if you remember me, but I contacted you a few years ago when we were first going to start educating at home. We shared a few phone chats and then my life turned upside down caring for my sick grandma before she died. I was interested in the co-op you are involved in.
    When you have a minute, please email me. I’m ready to find out more about the co-op.
    Kate Nowak

    1. Kate,
      I’d love to chat more but I doubt I still have your email. You can email me at kreidermom@yahoo.com and I’ll be in touch!

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