the joy of joining in…

It’s been a good long while since I joined in with the 5-minute Friday community at Lisa-Jo’s.  This is when we meet together on Fridays and share our writings…. those thoughts we jot down in 5-minutes flat with no editing, no deleting, no worries. We simply write for writing’s sake and share for the sake of community.

Today’s topic: join


She desperately wanted to join the team. This last one of ours… the caboose. The one who has spent her lifetime going to the other’s games and practices. She has endured.  All the while…watching, wishing, waiting.  Until her turn.

Many prayers where whispered from my heart last winter/spring. This last one still schooling at home… restless at times… needed something to do… something to be passionate about.

When the answer came, we hesitated. Volleyball? Now? With two others in fall sports, could we squeeze one more in? We committed and then got the schedule.  We were told 5-6 games… 13 games on the schedule. No less than 8 times do all 3 schedules collide. I was overwhelmed. Until this…

I sat on the sidelines and watched her play. She missed some, hit others and grinned the entire time. She joined the team and she knew she belonged right there with them, playing for the Eagles.

All the watching… wishing… waiting to join in her own team ceased. The joy on her face said it all.


Want to JOIN in?


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6 thoughts on “the joy of joining in…

  1. It brings a mother’s heart joy to see them find their place doesn’t it? I’m praying for one of mine to find his this year. Lovely five minute write.

    1. Thank you, Shelly. I will pray too. 😉

  2. Oh the joys of juggling!! But when you know it fills their hearts you will do just about anything to make it happen!

    1. It was watching you make dance happen for Lydia that prompted me to make this happen for Ellen 😉

  3. What a sweet story. She’s a beautiful girl.

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