what have I been missing?


It’s another week of Blogging Thru the Book, The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn.  I join up with my friends Dana, Katherine, Dayna, and Pilar and we all blog our thoughts on the assigned reading. I’m enjoying this book, but I enjoy the discussion far more!

I missed last week’s assignment. I started to write that I was sorry I missed… however, I’m not sure I am… which brings me to the point today…

in our rush to enjoy the good life
we have missed everything that makes life good.
The Gospel of Yes pg 174

Last Tuesday instead of writing a blog post for my Wednesday Blogging Thru the Book assignment, I stood with Eric and Emily for two hours at the funeral of one of the sweetest 17 year olds I have ever had the privilege of knowing. The community center that housed the service was packed to standing room only. Honestly, from our vantage point we could not see Taylor’s family, nor could they see us. It didn’t matter, they knew we were there. What mattered to us was that we were given the opportunity to stand with those whose lives Taylor touched and to be counted among those blessed to know her. It was hard but good to be in that moment.

After that service, we grabbed a couple extra kids and drove back in to town in time for me to be a driver for Emily’s volleyball team’s away game. I took girls who were excited to play and sat next to a life friend who encouraged me greatly on the hour drive to the game. We sat together in the stands and cheered our girls on. We took the team to McD’s after the game and heard the giggles of a gaggle of jr. high girls. We listened to them sing with the radio on the way home.  It was fun and good to be in that moment.

two different moments.. polar opposite… equally good

I easily could have missed both of those moments. I could have stayed home to blog. I could have let someone else drive so that I could work on the next book. I could have missed beautiful moments with those I love the most.

I know this because I have. I have stayed home to blog. I have stayed home to write. I have made the choice to immerse myself in social media to build a platform and ignored the one sitting right beside me.

I have done this and it hasn’t been good.

Instead, it’s been stressful, depressing, overwhelming, and frustrating. I have failed miserably. I have sacrificed much in the rush to sell books, build a platform, brand myself. I have missed good things and things that make life good. I have missed good times with the four I love the most.

God hasn’t called me to sell my books, my blog, my name. He’s called me to a life of loving Him first, Chad second, and the 3 Es third. He has called me to write. When I set those things aside to chase my tail, I miss the things He has for me. I miss out on those things that make life good.

I’m so glad I didn’t miss the opportunity to stand and be counted among those who loved Taylor and I’m glad I didn’t miss the opportunity to sit in the stands and yell “Who’s kid is that?” when she slid for the ball and made the score.

I don’t want to wonder what I’ve been missing because I’ve been too busy rushing to enjoy the good life.  I want to live it now.

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2 thoughts on “what have I been missing?

  1. This quote by the author intrigues me: “in our rush to enjoy the good life we have missed everything that makes life good.”

    I believe this is quite true. I have been focusing lately on strategic minimalism in my life. I’m trying to delete all the things that knock me off the trail of remaining steadfast in my goals. Ultimately, I have been guilty of doing so much that little has actually been done. In my haste, I have passed up many good memories and many wonderful opportunities.

    But no more…

    1. It is so easy to get derailed. Thanks for stopping by today, Charles!

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