celebrating the unique…

We’re coming to the end of The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn in our Blogging Through The Book group. This week, we discuss the last two chapters of Mike’s book.

What unifies us as believers is our shared relationship with Jesus Christ,
not the protocol of a particular discipleship process.
Each experience will be unique because each person is unique,
and the uniqueness of each relationship reveals a unique aspect of Jesus.
With each follower of Jesus bringing her revelation of Christ
to the body, the church is given a more accurate
and beautiful portrait of Christ.
The Gospel of Yes, pg 185

There have been a few quotes in this book that seemingly jump of the page. This is one.

… and it leaves me to wonder…

What would church look like if we accept our own uniqueness rather than striving to be like someone else?
What would the Body of Christ look like if we stopped expecting everyone to do or be the same?
How would Christians be perceived if we stopped trying to prove that our way is the best way and instead embraced Christ’s love for mankind?

What if?

Instead of trying to tear one another down to build ourselves up, we embraced our differences and combined them to point more people to the cross and redemption?

What then?

…perhaps more would be drawn to the love of Jesus Christ demonstrated by His followers among one another.
…perhaps the portrait the world would see of Jesus Christ would be an accurate portrayal of His likeness.
…perhaps we can’t go wrong if we chose to celebrate the uniqueness in each of us… that part of of His “YES” to us… that makes us who we are in Christ Jesus.

…it could be a beautiful thing.

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