daily gifts of my best life…

this is how God greeted Emme and I at the door of school this morning…
we couldn’t help but notice His gift this morning
and we both embraced it as God’s special gift
just for us and she skipped into school
with a smile on face

and, there was the gift of
yesterday’s volleyball game…
2 families with
a sister on either side of the net
in the game of the year…
and an entire cheering section
for both teams

of hearing the big sister
cheer on her sister from the bench
and the littler one
hugging the other team
and the opposing coach

because in real life,
these are her friends

the gift of this one, whom on most days, I hardly recognize
and I’m so grateful
for the front-row seat to watch him
on and off the field

and to hear one of his manager’s say,
“We call him ‘All-Star’ at work”
“Why? Because he plays football?”
“No, because we love him. He’s one of our best workers.”

and, then there is this one…
the one who holds my heart in life
and my hand at the games

who says
“I love this!”
every time we sit in the stands
for a volleyball match
or football game

and who did a 1/2 marathon on Saturday
just to see if he could
he walked some
and ran more
and I’m so proud of him for finishing

the greatest gifts lately?
these lessons…

that in God’s economy
the way up is down…

and, this day,
this moment
this life
as wife and mom…
sitting in bleachers
and driving to and from

this is my best life
this is my calling
this is my YES!

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6 thoughts on “daily gifts of my best life…

  1. I’m loving this look. I’m proud of you. Sending my love.

  2. What a beautiful post! What a beautiful day! All that is left is my “Yes!” to yours.

    1. Thanks Katherine! It is a beautiful YES day, isn’t it?

  3. Wow. I have to say this is my favorite post you have ever done. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Love you too!

    Ps 46:10a “Be still and know that I am God”

    1. love you too! Thanks for loving this… I had fun with it this morning 😉

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