stepping down for 31 days…

I hesitate.
Honestly, I have no idea where I’m going from here…
I simply sense I’m going in the right direction.

I wasn’t even sure if I would participate in the 31 days of blogging this year

even though I’ve known for over a month what my topic would be…
stepping down.
The last ten years of my life have been an ongoing study
in stepping down from the world’s conventional thinking
and resting in God’s sovereign wisdom.

I wasn’t sure I would participate because
I don’t know what to say.
I hesitate to write about this because I haven’t done it well…

I’m fighting my way through this
and learning as I go.

feel free to join me on this 31 day journey
as I sort all of this out…

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12 thoughts on “stepping down for 31 days…

  1. I really like the topic you have chosen. I’m looking forward to reading your series!

    1. thanks Connie! I’m looking forward to it too!

  2. I really like the topic you have chosen. I’m looking forward to the series!

  3. Look forward to reading!

  4. You’ve peaked my interest! I’m following:) I also “pinned” you:))

    1. thanks Stephanie! So glad to know the One who knows what this series looks like… 😉

  5. Stepping down to look up? Hmmm.
    It’s good to “reconnect” with you, Heidi. Been thinking of your family lots recently!

    1. thanks! Glad you found me. With as many bad things as there are on the internet, I’m so glad it makes it easy for friends to stay connected. 😉

  6. I so enjoy your mix of words and pictures…almost like a greeting card, only with more substance!

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