stepping down from the great debate….

I’m finished.
I’ve argued it to death…
and probably beyond.

There’s nothing new to say,
I have my opinion
and you have yours.

And… I’m finally okay with that.

I hope you are too.

It amazes me
how many subjects become
The Great Debate…

where to have our babies
and how to feed them

as Christians
we like to argue
to think…
that I am right
and you are wrong

Here’s a thought…
I think we are all wrong
more than we are right

so I’m stepping down
from whatever
Great Debate
is going on today.

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6 thoughts on “stepping down from the great debate….

  1. love this. is it yours? i agree

    1. it’s all mine 😉

    1. thanks… it all came from watching you

  2. A person thinking they are right is not necessarily a christian thing. I know alot of people of other religions and no religion that have a need to be right. Maybe it is more of a human thing. And I am sure I am right about this 🙂

    1. I would say you are right… thanks for that reminder, my friend! 😉

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