why… stepping down?

I’ve been asked this question a couple of times… why did you choose “stepping down” as your theme for 31 days of blogging? Where are you going with this? Where will you land?

I’ve purposely waited until this week to actually introduce this theme because my newest favorite books is being released TOMORROW!!

This is it.

It was reading this book… Everything: what you give and what you gain to become like Jesus by Mary DeMuth… late this summer that God used to change my focus.

Earlier in the spring, I had bought the lie… the lie that said that I could elevate myself to be someone of significance. I spent 8-10 hours a day through June and July selling myself online with the goal of selling my book. I made it a full-time job… only there was no overtime commission. In fact, there was NO commission. I sold a couple of ebooks and zero paperbacks. Seriously, ZERO!!

In that mad rush to build myself, God introduced me to Mary DeMuth. She answered a zillion questions from this fledgling author and sent me her book for a blog review. I put off reading it for a few weeks because I was simply too busy… building myself. Knowing I needed to read it to review it, Everything became the book I took with me when I ran to football practice or to pick Eric up from work. I took it with me when I waited for Ellen’s volleyball practice or Emme’s. I read it in the truck waiting.

And… then… I read it again.

In reading Mary’s words, my world came into focus. I realized that I set my sights on building myself up, rather than giving everything to Jesus. I began to step down from my self-built elevation.

…because this one life I have isn’t about me… it’s about HIM.

(full review tomorrow…
but you can click here to 
order Everything today…
please pray for Mary’s daughter, Julia,
she has been hospitalized all weekend
reason…still unknown)

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2 thoughts on “why… stepping down?

  1. Oh my stars . . . your post is me. I’ve loved Mary’s book and it is a challenge to put Jesus back to #1 and make Him my everything. Stats don’t matter. Readers don’t matter. All that matters is Jesus and His love!!! Thanks girl. Are you by chance on Mary’s launch team?

    1. Thanks Alene! Yep.. I’m on the team and have loved the community there!! 😉

      Thanks for the encouragement!

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