stepping down… the end…

As Pharaoh approached, the Israelites looked up and saw them—Egyptians! Coming at them!
They were totally afraid. They cried out in terror to God. They told Moses, “Weren’t the cemeteries large enough in Egypt so that you had to take us out here in the wilderness to die? What have you done to us, taking us out of Egypt? Back in Egypt didn’t we tell you this would happen? Didn’t we tell you, ‘Leave us alone here in Egypt—we’re better off as slaves in Egypt than as corpses in the wilderness.’”
Moses spoke to the people: “Don’t be afraid. Stand firm and watch God do his work of salvation for you today. Take a good look at the Egyptians today for you’re never going to see them again.
God will fight the battle for you.
And you? You keep your mouths shut!”
Exodus 14:12-14 (MSG)

I know… it’s only October 26 (it’s my sister’s birthday) and this 31 days of blogging challenge goes for five more days…. I know.

I also know I’ve done more complaining and murmuring this month than I ever intended to do as I wrestled and grappled with the idea of stepping down… of living a counter-cultural life. A life that is less of me and more of Him. The wresting and grappling weren’t bad. I think those are all part of working out my salvation (Philippians 2:12). I simply need to learn to work it out without complaining and grumbling (Philippians 2:14-15).

Lisa Jo’s 5 minute Friday prompt today is… voice.  When I saw this prompt, my heart knew it’s time to step down.


If I were to keep my mouth shut,
I would save my best voice for You.

I wouldn’t yell and scream
throw things and stomp off
I would quietly pray.

My prayers would be less ranting
and more raving.

More raving about the things that
You’ve done for me
rather than the things I want You to do.

If I were to keep my mouth shut
and let you fight my battles,

I would have less apologizing
for accidents my mouth makes

If I were to keep my mouth shut
You would get my best voice
instead of the voice that is raspy and worn out,
hoarse and tired.

And with that best voice
I could praise You as You fight for me.


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12 thoughts on “stepping down… the end…

  1. NIce. Love poetry in the morning. No doubt our Father hears you loud and clear!

    1. thank you Felecia, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love this. I have been finding myself wanting to be more silent and listen more too. Love your poetry!

  3. Oh Heidi! You have given me so much to think about! Because it’s not just my voice that I need to use more to praise Him but my thoughts! It doesn’t matter that I bite my tongue and keep quiet if the words playing in my head are the same. Thank you. I will work to save my best voice–both spoken and thought–to praise Him.

    1. …and, now you’ve given me food for thought… to watch the thoughts in my head. Thanks! 😉

  4. Really beautiful and wise… Happy to discover your blog through Lisa Jo!

  5. Beautiful poem. Heart-rending thoughts. Go where God leads you, and keep in touch. Blessings.

    1. thank you Friend! And same to you… love that we can keep in touch over the miles!

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