a thousand thanks and more…

In the dark and the quiet, I slipped out. The only one awake, my phone lit the steps as I went up to get her out of her kennel and take her with me.

We sat in the vague steel grey light, Ebony and me…
that time when the world seems void of color.
On a mild November morning, we waited for the sun to warm the sky
in pastel colors of periwinkles, lavenders, pinks, pale yellows, and pale oranges.

With the Master Creator on the other side of the canvas,
the sky came alive. Huge brush strokes lit the horizon. We watched.

How can I watch and not say THANK YOU?

How can I look behind me and see dark windows where ten
other sleep and look to the sky where my God never sleeps or slumbers
but watches over me and mine with an ever lasting love and not be filled with GRATITUDE?

This is how time slows.
A moment when my Savior meets me in the seconds and minutes and woes me to Him in love.

In this moment… I have nothing of worth to give back.

So all I can do is praise Him with a thousand thanks and more.



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2 thoughts on “a thousand thanks and more…

  1. Beautiful!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. thank you for sharing your lovely early morning journey …

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