25 Days ’til Christ.. starts tomorrow!


Tomorrow starts my family’s traditional count-down to Christmas. For each evening in December, leading up to Christmas Day, we celebrate the story of Christ’s coming all those years ago. This year, a brand-new family advent eBook called 25 Days ’til Christ, by Paula Whidden has been released.

Paula Whidden’s approach to family devotions in the month of December is simple, straight-forward, and sound. She takes her readers on a study of the need for a Savior before she introduces the Savior. Each day’s reading includes scripture and a few paragraphs of explanation… as well as candy kisses! 😉  She gives easy-to-follow instructions for each family to prepare for their own 25-day journey of advent.

In reading through 25 Days ’til Christmas, I was most impressed with the manner in which Paula shares the Christmas Story in a way that is simple and yet tells the complex reason why mankind needed a Savior. I think this family devotional is written in such a way that small children could understand and yet teens would not find it boring.

At this time, 25 Days ’til Christ is only offered in kindle format. I would highly recommend you downloading a free kindle app from Amazon.com, so that you can take advantage of this great family resource.

25 Days ’til Christ is available through Amazon.com for $2.99 as an instant download. You can download it today and your family can start reading through it tomorrow.

Now… here’s where I apologize to you and to Paula. Paula Whidden graciously offered her new eBook free of charge a couple of weeks ago. She even emailed me to let me know of this special offer. I forgot to pass that information on to you. I’m sorry. Life has been a little crazy in these parts and somehow Paula’s email got buried. Please forgive me. I do promise, though, that 25 Days ’til Christ is worth every penny of the $2.99 charge. 😉

… all of these words in this review are my own. I did not receive a free copy of 25 Days ’til Christ for my honest review. I purchased this book and am grateful I did.

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