where HE meets me…


So often, it’s in the mundane
the day to day
the tasks that seem most like chores
when He reaches down
and meets me.


Days that are filled with
repetitive behavior…
washing the same plates,
spoons and forks.
Folding the same jeans,
socks, and shorts.

Beautiful Me... the conclusion

I look for NEW!
I’m drawn to shiny packaging
and new adventures.
I long for something
I haven’t seen or done.


The wisest one said
“there is nothing new under the sun.”
How that truth
speaks to this heart!


NEW doesn’t stay
and IMPROVED doesn’t satisfy.
Shiny packages tear
and new adventures fall apart.


And when it all
crumbles and fails,
there is one thing
that remains.


His love reaches down
and meets me in the moments.


In the adventure or
in the mundane,
His love never fails,
never gives up,
never runs out on me.


In His love
He meets me…
This is one thing
I know.


Counting gifts again on this Multitude Monday with the gratitude community at Ann’s… no longer listing them by number because I lost count a long time ago. Instead, I list them and thank Him for each and every one.

… for the mundane moments
… for songs on the radio
… for a short trip to school
… and the girl who sings along with me

… for quiet Sundays
… and family gathered ’round a game board
… for laughter
… for teasing, even when it goes too far

… for hours of sleep
… and the privilege to sleep off a headache
… for my man who cares
…. and takes care

… for family traditions
… and another year of willing participants
… for mistakes made
… and forgiveness granted

… for new life born just yesterday
… and the promise of more

… for the privilege to pray for friends
… and the glimpses given of their deep pain

… for my God who meets me in the truck on the way to school
… and gently reminds again and again and again
… that I don’t have to be afraid
… because His love never fails
… it never gives up
… and it will never run out on me!


9 thoughts on “where HE meets me…

  1. beautiful. He does meet us if we’re available! Thank you for being open to His sweetness in the mundane. He smiles when we notice Him! Blessings from Uganda

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