chasing a sunset… chasing a dream

For years, I’ve chased this same dream
with reckless abandon and purposeful intent.


Yesterday, I took his shoulders in my hands,
“I need your undivided attention!”


“Give me an hour,” he said.


Years ago, I would have stewed and fumed,
angry that I even needed to ask for his attention,
frustrated that I wasn’t even on his radar,
and hurt that he asked me to wait.


I wait better now that I ever have.
Though I still don’t wait well,
I am learning that the wait is always worth it.


Last night, I waited because of this dream,
this vision I chase wholeheartedly.


I waited his requested hour.
And, when we walked out
of the house to find some place to talk, we
saw the palate of the sky painted in huge brush
strokes of reds, oranges, magentas, and yellows.


We chased that sunset down a hill…
over a rise…
and down another hill
to the waters edge.


And, in the afterglow of
the last rays of sunshine,
we talked and I had
his undivided attention.


I watch marriages around me crumble
or implode.
It makes my heart hurt
and my vision clearer…
because this is NOT
part of my dream.


I dream of growing old together…
with this one who has lived the
“for better or for worse,
in sickness and in health”
with me.


I dream of chasing the sunset of our lives together,
and the only way I know how to do that,
is to chase the daily sunsets now.


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3 thoughts on “chasing a sunset… chasing a dream

  1. Love this…so! Much!

  2. This is perfect. I am in a marriage small group and I’m going to share to with them. This is exactly what marriage takes-to wait and to chase the same thing in the as e direction.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Anna! So thankful for life lessons to share 😉

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