be the hands and feet of Christmas…

2003… I wheeled in a stroller with a sleeping 3 month old… tagging behind were my “big” kids at 6 and 4.  We joined a handful of volunteers that year to clean and sort used toys for a toy sale.

Truly, that year, I didn’t understand all the mechanics of how the sale worked. I only knew the two that did. I followed their directions and they graciously guided me through their years of experience. I watched and observed… and learned a new way to be the hands and feet of Christmas. What was nine years ago for me was nineteen years ago for them.


2012… I will walk in today with the not-so-littlest. That one who is now 9 going on 19… and the only one still home during the day. Actually, she’ll run in far ahead of me ready and willing to be a part of this thing that has grown leaps and bounds over her life time. She would rather die a thousand deaths than to miss a minute of this week.

I now know the ins and outs of Toy Time. I know the heartache and the joy. I have seen the sorrow and been part of the celebration. I know the fatigue that will come and the peace that will encompass. I know the enemy will attack and that in the end Christ will have the victory. I know because I have seen it year after year.  And, I am with that girl of mine. I don’t want to miss a moment either.


Today… I am deeply grateful for this opportunity that we have been a part of year after year. So thankful that my dear friends, Tena and Ami, who have taken on this outreach and made it happen. So grateful that nine years ago, God showed my family a way to be the hands and feet of Christmas.

Here’s the thing… the need is great… and while Toy Time will service over 2,000 needy children in our area this Christmas… this isn’t the only need… the only way to serve…the only opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christmas.


I would hazard a guess that there are as many ways to be the hands and feet of Christmas as there are souls walking this earth. We all need Jesus and we all need one another.

Christmas is a day of remembrance… remembering that babe that came in a smelly stable for the sole purpose of serving me… and you… and the lady at the grocery store… and your mailman… and the man at church who drives you crazy. He came for each of us and we all were created with a need that can only be filled by Christ.


We are the body of Christ and if we are willing, we can all be the hands and feet of Christmas in infinite ways.

Where will your hands and feet take you this December?


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