when words fail…


He came yesterday through the staff entrance, still in his work uniform,
with only a few minutes to spare.
His eye caught mine above the hustle and bustle and we both smiled.

“I had no idea it was THIS big!”
His jaw rested on the floor.


“You haven’t seen anything yet,”
We walked through the toys and a small army of volunteers filling bags of new toys.
We even stepped over a few littles playing.

Through the steel double doors and into to the mayhem.

I talked while we walked, explaining as we went.
His eyes never stopped moving, his best attempt to take it all in.


“Oh, hey you!”
I left him standing with the one who first dreamed the dream
of giving away toys at Christmas time.

Picking up a few toys from the floor, and helping a lady with hers,
I eventually made it back to my spot in the other room.

Soon, he came back.
This time with the younger sister of one who works for him.


On a mission to give away a brand-new bicycle,
they put their heads together and discussed the pros and cons of each bike
before choosing the perfect one.

He pushed the bike through the volunteers,
she led the way back through those big doors.

“Merry Christmas,” she said.
“We want you to know that Jesus loves you.”

“Is this bike for my daughter?” the man asked amazed.

“Yes, if you have room to take it home,” he answered with a smile a mile wide.

“Really?!” the man questioned again.

“Yes, let me help you to your vehicle.”

The three made their way outside. Two men, a girl, and a brand-new bicycle.
All three touched in different ways.

After helping with the bicycle,
he came back to the other room,
His teary eyes confirmed how much his heart felt.


“It doesn’t matter how many times someone explains this to you,
you just have to see it to really understand it all,
don’t you?”

“Yes,” I replied. “Words fail.”


**yesterday alone, we gave out new and used toys and Bibles to approximately 1600 children in need in our area. Yes, I am certain some who came are not truly in need. I’m not concerned.  It’s between them and God and I am even more certain He has it covered.

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4 thoughts on “when words fail…

  1. my friend, your have a gift with words.

  2. Yeah!!! Love your last paragraph!

  3. amen! bountiful blessings as you carry out this super labor of love!

  4. Made my eyes leak, especially after hearing what you told Becky. 🙂

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