a sojourner on a soul journey…

one who travels for a temporary stay in another country

The older I get, the more I am acutely aware that this world in which I live is not my home. I’ve been here for 43 years… yet, I am a temporary resident. It seems that the longer I live here, the more homesick my heart is for my eternity where I belong… at the feet of Jesus.

today I am here…

journeying through this life, wrestling with a soul that doesn’t belong here and yet finds itself wrapped up in the stuff of this earth. Trying desperately to be and do the right things while mired in the muck of my own selfish desires and pride.

The funny thing? I’ve been on this soul journey for a long time… and most days I wonder if I have journeyed at all or if I am stuck up to my armpits while simply believing the Liar’s illusion that I’m making great progress.

So, I give it a new name for a new year
and I pray… much.

and this morning, He spoke to my heart… my journey is not mine alone. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, the choices I make have a profound ripple effect on those closest to me, and perhaps, a slight impact on those furthest out.

Therefore, the journey that begins in my heart is played out in my home first to these I love the most. Pretty words can sparkle and glitter and glow all spiritual-like here in my corner of the web while the actions behind those same words are that of a frustrated mom who yells over spilled hot cocoa and dirty dishes.

…makes me wonder how often I’ll be here sharing.

soul journey…
starts in my heart,
is lived out in my home,
will be made perfect in Heaven.

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6 thoughts on “a sojourner on a soul journey…

  1. Oh Heidi! How true your words! My heart longs. My actions lag. If only my journey were synchronized. “The Proof of Your Love” has been swirling in my brain since leaving Monday. If only…

    1. you make me smile! 😉 So glad I’m journeying this life with you.

  2. Your blog is poetry and prose, constructed like the layers of reductions in an artful sauce. Sometimes the flavor that lingers blindsides me by its dense truth. Thank you.

    1. wow. thank you for such a meaningful compliment, my friend… coming from you, it means MUCH!

  3. for sure … if we can’t live it at home, we might as well hang it all up …

    1. though it is much harder to live it in front of those who know us best 😉

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