Becoming A Life Changer….

Remember my blogging friend, Tammy Helfrich?


She’s been here before, and she’s hosted me at her blog herehere… and here.

I’m so excited to have her again today. Tammy is an incredible woman, wife, and mom and has become a good friend. Today, she’s
sharing her brand spankin’ new book, Becoming A Life Changer.

After you read, please check out Tammy’s book by clicking the image below. She’s graciously giving her book away to all who subscribe to her blog. It’s a great read and a very worthy resource to have in your Kindle library.

Here’s Tammy….

The Secret to Counting Gifts. I will never forget reading Heidi’s book. I always try to be very thankful and appreciative. But, the story in her book really spoke to me. I actually got an incredible (and scary) idea while reading her book. It’s a project I’m working on this year and very excited about. Heidi’s book will forever be linked to that special project in my head.
One of the things that stuck out to me is the gift of people who encourage and inspire others. I’ve always been drawn to these people and their stories. They energize me and make me excited about life. I call them LifeChangers. I started a series on my blog to celebrate their stories and how they are making an impact. I was excited to hear how their stories challenged and encouraged others. I recently expanded that series into an ebook. It is available for free if you subscribe to my blog, or it is also available on Amazon.
You see, LifeChangers are regular people like you and me. They’re not the most talented or wealthiest, or whatever word you think of when you hear about people changing the world. They just made a decision. A decision to no longer be ordinary. A decision to change their life or the lives of people around them. And in that process, they encourage others to do the same.
What I have realized is that LifeChangers are one of the gifts I am thankful for. I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many of them. They help me see the world differently. They challenge me to be better. They challenge me to see the world with new eyes. They challenge me to dare to make a difference.
I’ve also found that in addition to being thankful for LifeChangers, we also need to celebrate, encourage and support them. Many people want to do something different, but their friends and communities are telling them it’s too weird, or not normal, or not what they should do. That’s why I wrote the book. To help spread the message of hope and encouragement. To help people know they are not alone. To encourage them to take one step or one more step. To encourage them to become LifeChangers. Wherever they are.
What gifts are you thankful for?
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4 thoughts on “Becoming A Life Changer….

  1. Thanks for having me, Heidi! I appreciate it!

  2. Hi Heidi and Tammy…
    I am also thankful for people that encourage me and challenge me. It helps to have those people when the going gets tough, and I want to quit!

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Tessa! Thanks for stopping by today!

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