because I know…

… because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” (James 1:3)

I often say, “I wish I knew….”
as in…

I wish I knew how to respond to this….
I wish I knew how to answer that…
I wish I knew more about…
I wish I knew this person…

Here’s the rub…
rarely do I realize what I already know.

Sometimes I just have to sing this in my heart
to remind myself of what I know…

Jesus loves me,
this I know
for the Bible
tells me so

Today, James tells me something else
I know.

I know I will face trials of many kinds…
and that these trials will test my faith,
and will produce perseverance….
if I l let them (James 1:4).

In this soul journey
called life
I need to remind myself often…

it’s because I know…
I know the One whose promises never fail
whose mercies are new every morning
and who loves me this I know…

that gives me faith, hope, peace, and joy
to keep on keeping on.


7 thoughts on “because I know…

    1. you are so very right, Chris! My theme right now is “souljourn” a coined term to describe what’s going on in my heart. God is using the book of James to change me from the inside out.

  1. You made me think of a song I used to hear frequently. I can’t remember all the words, only the ones that always made a big impression on me.

    “I don’t know about tomorrow …
    but I know who holds the future
    and I know who holds my hand.”

    Thank you for a beautiful, thought-provoking post.

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