because I know…

… because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” (James 1:3)

I often say, “I wish I knew….”
as in…

I wish I knew how to respond to this….
I wish I knew how to answer that…
I wish I knew more about…
I wish I knew this person…

Here’s the rub…
rarely do I realize what I already know.

Sometimes I just have to sing this in my heart
to remind myself of what I know…

Jesus loves me,
this I know
for the Bible
tells me so

Today, James tells me something else
I know.

I know I will face trials of many kinds…
and that these trials will test my faith,
and will produce perseverance….
if I l let them (James 1:4).

In this soul journey
called life
I need to remind myself often…

it’s because I know…
I know the One whose promises never fail
whose mercies are new every morning
and who loves me this I know…

that gives me faith, hope, peace, and joy
to keep on keeping on.


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7 thoughts on “because I know…

  1. Great reminder Heidi! It’s too easy to let the wounding and sorrow of life draw us away from the truths of Scripture. Thanks for drawing me back to this verse, this truth

    1. you are so very right, Chris! My theme right now is “souljourn” a coined term to describe what’s going on in my heart. God is using the book of James to change me from the inside out.

      1. I hope you continue to share the change. It’s challenging and encouraging for me

  2. You made me think of a song I used to hear frequently. I can’t remember all the words, only the ones that always made a big impression on me.

    “I don’t know about tomorrow …
    but I know who holds the future
    and I know who holds my hand.”

    Thank you for a beautiful, thought-provoking post.

    1. thank you for sharing that song, Katherine!

  3. Jesus loves me-so simple, but if I can remember that the rest of the stuff I doesn’t know just doesn’t matter. Great reminder today.

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