embracing gray…

The clouds hang low,
the ground saturated from last night’s downpour.

Small slivers of snow and ice remain
but mud has become the primary condition of my driveway.

Today’s color… gray.

For years
I fought gray.

I preferred colors…

even black
and white.

Within a color
more defined lines

Even in a rainbow
the edge of red
ends where orange begins.

While there may be blending
and bleeding
of one color into another,
the colors can be separated,
if needed.

I used to think
gray was simply
colors colliding
that needed to be

I thought there were
definitive lines between
the colors of life
and love
and relationships.

When the lines were there
it was right,
and when the colors blended
into weird shades of gray,
it was wrong.

I thought that I simply
needed to separate the colors
and right would be
divided from wrong.

It was too simple.

I thought gray needed to be fixed.

I was wrong.

There are weird shades of grey
titling incredibly obscene books
that are wrong.

That is not the gray
of which I speak.

Instead, it’s the gray
of iron sharpening iron…
of Believers accepting other’s differences…
of lovers living and breathing years together…
of children teaching parents grace.

I speak of the beautiful colors of relationships

This is the beauty of gray.

This is what my narrow mindedness missed.

I only saw gray
as a conundrum of colors outside their lines.

I never embraced the glory
of my colors mixing with these four I love the most
to become a family.

I missed the thrill
of the two becoming one to the point
that the color lines have faded into oblivion.

I failed to see how
the community of iron sharpening iron
leaves slivers of gray…
slivers of grace.

On a wet January day,
I’m embracing the gray.

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