the practicality of a Sabbath pause…


Almost three years ago,
we attempted this thing
we call Sabbath celebration.

One day a week… 24 hours…
set aside for rest.

It took two years of God working
on my heart before I even tried
a Sabbath celebration with my family.

Two years…
because I was afraid of failing
what God had deemed holy.

I couldn’t imagine how to put the
theory into practice.
And, for goodness sake,
what if I screwed it all up?

Now, almost five years later,
I can confidently say,
I’ve failed,
I’ve screwed it all up,
and, because of His grace,
we’ve lived through it.

Last week,
I joined a blogging group
with Shelly and over 4o like-minded women
surrendering to Sabbath.

In reading other’s journeys,
I am more than convinced
that there are as many ways
to celebrate Sabbath as there are
Sabbath celebrators.

There is no right way.
There is no wrong way.

There is just a pause
in the rat-race of life.

A time to rest.

For my family, a time
to come together…
all five of us…
and hold hands giving thanks
for it all.


Sometimes that is
the fancy china,
steaks on the grill,
a big, green salad,
fresh fruit,
yummy dessert,
grape juice,
and challah.

Other times…
it’s goulash,
and juice.
Last week, that was all we had.

And, then,
there are the times
when it’s nothing
because we are too busy
to stop and observe and remember.

In those times,
I think I feel it first.
Much like loosing sleep at night,
my soul looses rest and becomes
grumpy and tired.

So, I pull myself together
just enough,
to try again.

And, for me,
this is what Sabbath celebration looks like…


Saturday night supper
fancy sometimes
not fancy other times
but always (because my family insists)
and two candles on the table.

Before grace, we gather round
and grasp hands and take a turn
gracing one another.
We purposely tell each other what
we appreciate about them.
Then, holding hands,
we give thanks.

After supper,
we all work together to clean up.
We read a chapter or two of God’s word
and take turns praying.

Usually a rousing game follows,
sometimes a movie,
sometimes a book or two.

We head to bed early-ish
because we’ve learned early to bed
makes early to rise for church easier.

We worship together
with our family there.

Sunday lunch becomes
Saturday night’s left-overs.

Football, books, naps,
games, hikes, knitting,
these things and more fill
our day.

Is it working on the Sabbath?

I don’t think so.

When my family hikes and laughs together,
or I relax watching Peyton throw for the Broncos
while knitting,
it becomes rest for my soul.

Rest because I pause…
to observe the Sabbath
and to remember the Sabbath.


It’s all good.
And, even when it’s not perfect
and my challah splits wide open
in the heat of the oven.

His grace makes my
failing attempts at
putting the theory into practice

For when the heat of life
splits my heart wide open,
He often uses
the pause of Sabbath
to bind it together again.

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9 thoughts on “the practicality of a Sabbath pause…

  1. inspiring, beautiful, thought-provoking … and so Christ-honoring

  2. I believe I will join on this! What a wonderful idea!

  3. Amen! Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for us, and you make that blessed gift come to life. In this frenzied techy world, people forget to take their Sabbaths. Thank you for showing us how.

    1. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow because I’m just stumbling through πŸ˜‰

  4. Heidi, this is so great, real and practical. Love all the photos and I think the sisterhood might need your challah recipe, just sayin’.

  5. I just joined Shelly too and found your blog through the comments. Love that you’ve been walking this road ahead of me. I’ve been studying shabbat off and on for over a year and just recently put it into practice. It’s been ugly and messy already and we’ve only done it three times. But I feel certain God is calling me o this. So glad to have a community to share with….maybe just to prove to my husband I’m not the only crazy person πŸ™‚

    1. Rest assured… you are not alone in this crazy, messed up world πŸ˜‰

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