when I wonder if HE will…


I believe.
I truly do.

I believe God
created the earth
in six literal days.

I believe He
flooded the earth
and then sent a rainbow
as a promise to never
do it again.

I believe He took a
childless patriarch
and made a great nation
from his offspring.

I believe He anointed
a shepherd boy to do
great and mighty things
and lead that great nation.

I believe He has a plan
for the redemption of mankind,
including coming as a newborn babe
to die a cruel death for me.

I believe He is coming back
again to set this world right
and that I will spend eternity with Him.

In faith I believe all of this
and more.
I even believe
He can great and mighty things today.

this is where I fail

I believe He can…
I doubt He will.

I pray in great faith for others
and in great doubt for myself.

I expect Him to complete His promises for him or for her
but doubt He will for me.

My only explanation for this schizophrenic
way of thinking is this…
I’m a wretched sinner.

Last week, God took this Doubting Heidi
and wowed her socks right off.

Each day, from Sunday to Sunday,
He showed me His love for
me in extraordinary ways.

Ways that could only hold this explanation…
He can and He will!

And.. He loves me, oh how He loves me!


Today, I continue this habit of counting gifts in my on-going gratitude list. I’m joining with the gratitude community at Ann’s. Jump in, the more the merrier!

For these things and a multitude more, I say “Thank YOU! Not only because You can but because You will!”

… for friends who share their loaves and fishes with us
… for how much better left-overs taste when shared
… for those who admonish and encourage

… for life friendships that pick up where they left off
… and visits from Maine
… and the renewing of late night coffee sessions
… for trust built on years of sharing burdens

… for a surprise visit from Mama and Papa
… and how much those few hours made my day

… for a phone call with a sister in Christ
… and the encouragement she gave
… for the opportunity given to speak from my passion

… for the gift of parenting a girl who loves Jesus more than any other person I know
… and who humbles me often with her generosity
… for her tender heart that reached out to a friend in need

… for the ways He stretches me and grows me
… for the days of doubting that actually deepen my faith

… for more than enough
… and for the reminder that when I’m busy counting grace gifts, I forget to complain about what I don’t have


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6 thoughts on “when I wonder if HE will…

  1. Praise God for His lavish love! How often we overlook the little things that He blesses us with. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us all to count our blessings and bask in His love for sinners and saints!

  2. Beautiful post Heidi…there is an answer but it’s not about you. God made you a perfect daughter for Him…Lovely…

    1. I’m #59 on Ann’s link-up.

      1. You’re so very welcome…Have a wonderful day~

  3. So enjoyed reading your post! Have a blessed week!!

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