the making of a mother…


Sixteen years in the making,
and the lessons started with you,
my first born,
my son.

The nights of terrors in your sleep,
and days of tantrums thrown wildly,
taught this heart more grace and  less selfishness.

The hours of waiting for you in surgery
as a babe and then again 15 years later
taught this heart more faith and less fear.

The days of playing in the snow
and doing puzzles on the floor
taught this heart more joy and less rushing through life.

The minutes of home school
that seemingly stretched out longer than a 24 hour day
taught this heart more patience and less pride.

The years of grunts and groans
that flesh out a man from a boy’s body
taught this heart more prayer and less preaching.

The moments of watching you
when you are oblivious to my eyes
taught this heart it’s more Jesus and less me.

Sixteen years ago, today,
a mother’s heart was born
when they placed you in my arms.


My heart is overflowing today. I’m joining in with the gratitude community at Ann’s, listing these grace gifts that fall freely from His merciful hands. All day, every day.

… the joy of being his mom
… and the celebration of his life
… how he stretches me
… encourages me
… and sends me to my knees

…snow on his birthday
… and Swedish Fish for breakfast
…for a few extra moments of sleep
… and still catching the bus

… a message this morning, “I love your daughter”
… and replying “me too!”
… her heart for others
… and laughter on the way to school

…and a fun sleepover
… a tent squeezed into a bedroom
… and sledding under the lights

…laughter and smiles
… whoops and hollers
… and a quiet Superbowl at home

…his warmth at night
… and the way he still looks at me
… spontaneous date nights
…and that he still makes my heart skip a beat

…His faithfulness moment after moment
…even in my freak out moments
…His love remains.


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10 thoughts on “the making of a mother…

  1. <3. Leaking eyes!

  2. I love your thoughts. Thanks for sharing them. Our firstborn’s 11th birthday is in 2 days 🙂

  3. So very true that its much more about Jesus and we r just along for the ride:)

  4. oh yes, Heidi … savor the moments, the blessed everydayness, the joys …

  5. I love how you put words to my emotions–every mother’s emotions. Thanks so much for this beautiful post. Love you always!

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