counting kleenex… counting gifts

It’s been a while, huh?


In a week full of 16th birthdays, driver’s permits, and blue shirts,
manuscripts and masterminds,
non-stop snuggle time
I’ve been down hard with the flu.


Tuesday morning, I looked at my man
and said, “you may not want to kiss me,
I have a scratchy throat.”
He hasn’t looked back.


Not only is the mom in this house sick,
so is the youngest…
which makes it that much harder.
In the words of the 16-year old,
“take it easy, Mom’s sick too!”


When I started counting gifts two years ago,
I wanted to learn how to be thankful
in all circumstances.

It’s the all circumstances
that gets me
because all circumstances
probably includes


My Bible says…
In everything, give thanks 
for this is God’s will for you
1 Thessalonians 5:18 (nasb)


I haven’t given thanks…
I’ve coughed and complained instead.

So, today,
I’m starting over…
finding the gratitude in the every day
even the kleenex moments.

My gratitude list continues…

…a great celebration for a happy birthday
…a fun place of employment that hosted a great party
…a graduation to a blue Culver’s shirt from the underage yellow shirt
…a driver’s permit
…and a personal chauffeur willing to go when and where I ask

…a new Moms In Touch prayer group
… prayer with kindred hearts

… a finished manuscript
…a mastermind group sharing thoughts and ideas
…the gift of friends who care

…endless snuggles with the other sickie
…long naps
…popsicles and frosties
…advil and tylenol
…tea with honey and soft kleenex

…a man who cares
…and takes care of me


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4 thoughts on “counting kleenex… counting gifts

  1. enjoy every reason to nap and cuddle … be well soon …

  2. So sorry you’ve been ill. 😦 I love your last two thanks!

  3. Sorry you’re feeling so sick. This is a great gratitude list. I’ve found that being thankful for the little blessings in my life really makes a bad situation more bearable.

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