lazy days, comfort food and homemade easy mac…


It’s President’s Day…
which means NO SCHOOL!!
and I love it.


A no-school kind of day means..
a slow at home day…
a sleeping in,
comfort food kind of day…


with my 4 Es.


I love home days with them!


Last week, I found this recipe on Pinterest
and a lazy, no-school day
was the perfect day to try it.


Mac and cheese is our favorite comfort food
and my kids especially like Easy Mac.


Between the price per serving
and the neon orange stuff
labeled “cheese”
I stopped buying boxed mac and cheese.


Pinterest to the rescue!


We tried this homemade easy mac recipe
and all 4 of us LOVED it!


It’s not the most efficient way to make mac & cheese
for four and I soon figured out to double the recipe
for the teens in my  house.


I have a feeling Ellen and I will make this again
after the others go back to school.

The recipe is not mine to share
but you can find it…



It’s Multitudes on Monday with the gratitude community at Ann’s… that place on the web where we all come together and share our gifts, those things for which we stop and give thanks to the Giver of all good things. Join in! Studies show that gratitude is the healthiest way to live.

For these and more…I give thanks…

… for slow days
… and these 3 Es that I love
… for giggles
… and late starts

… for learning together in the kitchen
… and the “thanks Mom!” given after the first bite

… for a date night
… and belated Valentine’s celebration
… for 20 Valentine’s Days together
… and he still surprises me

… for health
… and feeling better

… for a chauffer who willingly takes me where I want to go
… and the good job he does

… for the change in attitude that 16 brought
… and how good 16 looks on him

… for how hard she works
… and a family who hires her to sit with their kids
… for good friends
… how hang out for an hour or two

… for God who is teaching me about community
… and what community looks like with hands and feet

… for His enduring love for even the likes of me


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