worshipping through her hallelujah…

hallelujah, all I have is Christ
hallelujah, Jesus is my life

She stepped in front
and leaned back against me.

This child for whom I had prayed…
time and time again.

the angst filled prayer when my arms ached with emptiness…
the frantic prayer of a newly delivered mom when her breathing wasn’t right…
the fearful prayer driving her to the local children’s hospital wondering why she suddenly didn’t walk correctly…

As she leaned into me yesterday,
this one now tall enough for me to lay my head on hers,
I leaned into her and I remembered those prayers…
the ones I forgot I prayed and the answers I forget to remember.

I closed my eyes in gratitude
to her nine-year-old voice raised up to her King.

In her song, my heart vibrated with the vibration
of her lungs…

hallelujah, all I have is Christ

She raised her hand in worship
and I took her hand in mine.

hallelujah, Jesus is my life

and together we swayed to the rhythm
of worshipping through her hallelujah.



Mondays have taken on a whole new meaning for me when I look at them through the lens of Multitudes on Mondays over at Ann’s blog. It’s a place where we come together to count the gifts in each moment, the grace treasures that slow our lives down and allow us to realize that our one life, and the things that comprise it, are more than enough.

…adding to my “I am thankful for these” list today.

… for working a vehicle
… and a man who knows how to keep it so
… for a fun trip to see cousins
… and the mancub who drove the entire way

… for compliments from his aunt who notices how incredible that 16 year old truly is
… and life lessons for his Mom to acknowledge these things to him

… for giggles and laughter and “c’mon Eric!”
… for a big cousin reading to her little look-alike

… sweet toddler hands patting my back when I asked her for a hug

… the technology that allows cousins to gather round a screen for some facetime
… knowing that though my heart hurts from missing them…they are right where He wants them

… for family gathered round conversation

… for walking this parenting road with the one who best compliments me

… for sap and sap and more sap that tastes ah.may.zing when it’s all boiled down

… for the worship team from my sweet girl’s school whose songs filled my heart all day
… and to be led in such a way by a group of Jesus loving teens

… for meeting a new friend at a slow moving craft show
… and having her place her hand on my shoulder to pray for me

… for visiting with long time friends over all-you-care-to- eat
… and the laughter and smiles they shared

… for the long time lesson that these children in this house are not mine
… and the fact that God somehow redeems all the mistakes I’ve made
… to make them into His masterpiece.


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4 thoughts on “worshipping through her hallelujah…

  1. Great to meet you.
    I am linking in from A Holy Experience.
    Janis http://www.janiscox.com
    I too do the Joy Dare.

    1. Welcome Janis! I’m so glad you stopped by!

  2. Beautiful… simply beautiful! Visiting from Ann’s today and I’m so glad I stopped by!

    1. welcome Karrilee! I’m glad you stopped by too 😉

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