flavorful days…

Some days are meant for savoring.

They may be the sweet days
filled with candy flavored events,

or they may be the slow days
when time tastes like lemonade on a hot July day.

Some days are fast and furious
like biting off the end of a jalapeno,

and, other days are awful
and no matter how many mints you consume,
you cannot mask the sour taste.

Days have a flavor all their own
and it’s in stopping and tasting,
that I remember to give thanks…

thanks for the sweet, the sour,
the savory and the sublime.

Learning to live a life of gratitude
has sharpened my senses
and taught me to taste it all.

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2 thoughts on “flavorful days…

  1. I loved this! It is so true. Life is beautiful with all it’s flavors.

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