3 wonders of my real world…

or better titled…
random IRL (in real life) thoughts today.

1. Really, I wonder about maple sugaring.

I’d really like to know who first
figured out that if you drilled a hole in a
sugar maple and put in a spile and hung
a bucket to catch the sap,
you could then boil the sap down
to get ooey, gooey, yummy maple syrup.

Today as I was collecting bucketfuls of
clear sap, I wondered… who is credited
with first discovering this yumminess
and what possessed them to even try it?



2. Honestly, I wonder what life holds.

Often, I think I have a handle on life.
More specifically, my life and the dreams
that shape it.

Chasing dreams is like nailing jello to a tree,

It doesn’t matter the flavor of the jello or
how many boxes of gelatin you use.

Nor does it matter how many nails you use
to try to secure it to the tree.

I can choose the flavor of my dreams and dream
them all up big and fluffy.

When it comes to getting those same dreams to stick….

Well, most of it all oozes out and slides down
and generally just makes a mess.

But, occasionally, little bits of dream stick and
those little bits of dream-come-trues
deeply satisfy my soul.

And, I wonder…
how many of my dreams really matter?

3. Sadly, I wonder why I forgot.

I realized today (thanks to 
my IRL friend, Marah, for her incredibly
honest blog post) that I have allowed
myself to forget the historical, spiritual,
and to me, emotional impact of this week.

This week is what some refer to as Passion Week,
that time between Christ’s “triumphal” entry into
the city of Jerusalem and His TRIUMPHAL victory
over sin, death, and the grave.

This is significant.
Actually, this is much more than
significant… this is LIFE, eternal life.

And, I allowed myself to get caught up in the
drama unfolding in D.C. and the emotional
debate that has ensued.

I wonder… do I/we make spiritual warfare easier
for my/our enemy by engaging in rhetoric  and debate,
rather than in worship and remembrance?

… just 3 wonders of my real world today.

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