savoring moments in time…


I’ve only found one way
to slow time…

savor moments.

When I allow myself
to be all in…
100% in the moment…
I often find time slows
and I can savor the moment.

I see more,
smell more,
taste more,
hear more,
and feel more
as my brain records those
moments as memories to be
relived time and time again.

It doesn’t always happen.

It takes a conscious effort on my part
to let go of the worries and the concerns
that take up brain space

to make room for heightened senses
and new memories.

It’s not always easy to let go
of all the things that pull and tug
on me
to allow myself the freedom
to enjoy the moment.

I’ve never tasted a savory moment
that wasn’t worth it!



Counting gifts again this morning with the gratitude community at Ann’s place.

… random Sunday trips
… salads and fruit served with laughter and smiles
… quiet conversations that become rich memories

… laughter with my girl
… seeing how much fun he had at Acquire the Fire
… knowing that God has his heart

… being carried
… and loved through the lonely days


… knowing that they are right where God wants them
… even in Panajachel, Guatemala
… seeing the joy on her face
… and reading it in her words

… watching God move in my world
… in ways I can neither understand or explain
… and knowing it’s all Him and none of me

… feeling the sense of being prayed for
… and after a few years of this week, learning to surrender to the joy and peace of all of it.

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4 thoughts on “savoring moments in time…

  1. feeling that sense of being prayed for… that is a beautiful gift, isn’t it?

  2. This spoke to me of all the moments that I do savor and notice. It also reminded me of those I let get lost in the noise. One great moment was shared work on a committee and shared complaining about too much work (but doing it anyway) for a worthwhile cause. Friends thru the little things.

    1. I get so many things lost in the noise, as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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