to those who feel the church isn’t meeting their needs…


I’ve  heard it a lot lately…
thanks mostly to social media,
but also to grumblings amongst
those in attendance.

This theme that says….
the church isn’t meeting MY needs.

While it’s said a
in a hundred different ways,
the theme is the same.

Can I offer a suggestion
to those hurting because
they feel their needs aren’t being met?

Before you give up on your local body of believers,
and the church as a whole,
consider this…

remain calm,
and extend grace
to just one person.

Look around you,
seek out one hurting person
and instead of looking for your needs to be met,
be the one to meet that person’s needs,
just once.

You may find that simple act
changes your view of your own needs
and the church that you feel isn’t meeting them.

Even better…
you may find it meets your need
to be wanted and needed
in a whole new way!

It’s worth a try.

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4 thoughts on “to those who feel the church isn’t meeting their needs…

  1. Your post is so important that I don’t know how to say how important it is. Jesus said never said, “Follow me and I will give you everything you want.” He said, “Deny self, then follow me.” To follow Christ, to be Christ-like, is to give, not receive.
    In my adult years, I became a member of a liturgical church. I love the liturgy because it points the assembled congregation to God, not to self. The liturgy is the work of the people worshiping God. People complain that they “don’t get anything out of it” when they go to church, but in liturgical worship, we are consistently reminded that we are there to give, not to receive.
    You are so correct that when we give, we do receive, in worship or in service to others.

    1. Yes, Katherine and I think we Americans have bought the lie that says we should be served rather than serve. Thanks for encouraging me this morning!

  2. Great advice. Stop focusing on yourself, and reach out to someone else. It really changes everything.

    1. Yes! It really does! And…happy birthday to you my friend!

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