claim the moments…before the moments claim yours


At some early point in this journey
called Motherhood,
I heard someone say,
“As the Mom, you will set
the tone for your home.”

I remember thinking,
“Why does it always have to be me?
Can’t someone else set the tone for a while?”

I have since learned…
YES, some one else can and probably will
but I won’t like it.


You see,
when I don’t set the tone…
when I don’t claim the moments…
there is still a tone,
and the moments claim me and mine.

The days fill up, speed up, and stress up
and I’m left a pile of nerves.


Same with these four I love the most.

We pass one another coming and going
with a quick “hi!” or “I love you!”
but with little eye to eye contact,
or ear to ear interaction.

We become frazzled and fragmented,
and they become 16 and almost 14 and 9,
and I am left to wonder,
where did the moments go?


Last night, I was led to claim the moment.

“We’re celebrating Sabbath tonight,” I announced.

“But, it’s Wednesday,” came four replies.

“Yes, it is! And, it is also the last time we are all home for dinner
until next Wednesday.”


Homemade chicken nuggets, bread, salad, and a quick strawberry shortcake…
nothing fancy, nothing difficult.

Lingering conversations around the table,
laughter at whipped creamed faces,
and love as we held hands and stated one thing that we appreciate
about each person at the table.


Bocce ball and hammock time in the waning warm sun,
compliments given from sibling to sibling,
and good natured teasing when the mom’s score was ZERO.

Full hearts and tired bodies gathered ’round God’s word
and prayers for one another lifted up.

So many moments claimed last night
because this mom set the tone
and claimed the moment
before the moment claimed hers.


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  1. Heidi, I have only one thing to say:

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