The Women’s Study Bible NIV… a review

God is always at work,
and sometimes in the most
mysterious ways.

I thought I was done doing book reviews,
until I was contacted to review this…


oh, yeah!

Last fall I gave away my favorite Bible,
and while I knew that I knew that I knew
that God called me to give it to Larry,
I still struggled with missing my copy of God’s Word.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, a dear friend
took me Bible shopping and blessed me
with a new Bible.

And, as we stood in that store,
and I “tried on” several different Bibles,
I debated small-easy-to-carry vs.
study Bible.

In the end, I chose smallish, easy to carry,
feel good in my hands.

And, I like it. A lot.

But, sometimes when I read,
I miss the study notes,
the thoughts that give a little clarity to the passage
I’m reading.

So, when this gem came in the mail,
I opened it immediately.


I poured over its pages
and read some of the study notes.

I read the introduction to some of the
different books of the Bible.

And, I carried it around
for a few days.

And, my thoughts?

I really like this study Bible!

I like the notes that deal with current topics
such as codependency, euthanasia, marriage,
and the sanctity of life.

I like the margin space for taking notes
and the historical introduction to the different
books of the Bible.

I like the chapter and paragraph headings
and that it is laid out in chapters
rather than in individual verses.


After touching it, turning the pages,
holding it, carrying it, reading it…

I can only think of two things that
I do not care for…

First, I like Bible’s that have Christ’s words
in red. I don’t know why.
I just do.
No red here.

Secondly, this is a hard-back Bible.
I’m a sensory reader.
In other words, I like how books feel in my hands.
This feels bulky and big.
I would most definitely choose it in leather
to lighten it up.

So, in the meantime,
I will continue to carry my smallish,
easy to carry Bible
and when I want to dig a little deeper,
I will take this one off the shelf.

Would I ever consider buying this Bible?

Absolutely! It’s a great study Bible with cross-references,
study notes, and a good concordance in the back.

***disclaimer, I was sent this Bible for my honest review.
All thoughts are mine and I received no other compensation
for this blog post.

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